Farmers can give their comments to the European Commission until April 8

By: STA Date: 2024. 03. 14. 10:15

 The Ministry of Agriculture is fighting with all possible means in Brussels to simplify the EU rules of the Common Agricultural Policy. Now it’s the farmers’ turn to directly indicate to Brussels in the framework of an EU online survey which procedures and rules related to subsidies they encounter difficulties with, which burdens they feel are the heaviest.

(Photo: Pixabay)

Hungary reacted immediately when in February 2024, as a result of the widespread European farmers’ demonstrations, and based on the experience of the past year, the possibility arose to simplify the new set of rules and instruments of the Common Agricultural Policy applicable from 2023. Our country made 45 substantive proposals to the Belgian Presidency of the EU in order to ease the strict regulations and administrative burdens imposed on farmers, as well as to reduce mandatory inspections. In March, the European Commission launched an online survey in order to obtain directly from EU farmers their opinions and comments on the procedures and rules related to the financial support provided under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), as well as on food and agricultural regulations in the EU. Until April 8, Hungarian farmers can assess directly to the European Commission the complexity of individual support regulations or the difficulties of applying requirements established in connection with correct agricultural and environmental conditions, as well as other environmental protection and health requirements.


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