The strengthening of the countryside makes the whole of Hungary richer

By: STA Date: 2023. 11. 30. 10:30

In order to create a livable countryside and pass it on to future generations, we must work together. Our common values and our Christian faith are the bond that forges us into a community on which we can confidently build – said the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture at the Liveable Countryside event organized by the National Forum of Christian Civil Organizations.

(Photo: AM/Tibor Vermes)

Sándor Farkas said at the event organized in the upper chamber of the Parliament: we are well aware of the power inherent in the preservation of traditions. We especially need our traditional values now, when Europe, and slowly the whole world, is struggling with an identity crisis. The preservation and transmission of traditions is of fundamental importance in the rural way of life and farming. Cultivating farmland has not only nourished our bodies for thousands of years, but also enriches our souls: through it, we come into direct contact with the created world, the wonders of nature, and learn to respect its power, protect its beauty and richness. These traditions are not only part of our past, but also the stones on which we can build our future. Approaching the end of the year, we gathered today to focus on the countryside and to talk about the rural way of life, its value-creating passing on, the importance of our traditions and the key role of agriculture today, said the deputy minister. According to his formulation, in addition to the fact that agriculture and the food industry supply Hungarian families with safe and high-quality food, these sectors are also effective and competitive on international markets. Even in peacetime, their role is strategic, and now their responsibility has increased. This is also why we believe that it is our duty to respect Hungarian farmers, those who work in agriculture, and especially those young people who imagine their future in the countryside and agricultural sectors – stressed Sándor Farkas. As a representative of twenty-two settlements in the Csongrád-Csanád county, he considered it important to note: the Hungarian Village Program is the most successful program of the past 100 years, the settlements – in a good sense – have turned their corner, they cannot afford to expand kindergartens and kindergartens. In other words, the countryside is developing and alive – he added.

In his presentation, the deputy minister recalled the past 12 years of the agrarian farm

As he said, the growth of the sector is unbroken despite the fact that agriculture has been hit by unprecedented difficulties in the past three years. In light of these, it is an outstanding achievement that the Hungarian agricultural industry also ensured the supply of high-quality, safe food to the population during this period, while output and agricultural exports increased. Our vision is for farming and food production to be a profitable and socially recognized occupation in the long term. To be able to operate in an attractive rural environment, with modern technology, in the production of quality food and to live a quality life in the countryside.

Domestic agriculture and rural development is not only a matter for those living in the countryside

As a result of the government’s agricultural policy, the Hungarian countryside is undergoing historic development. In order to achieve the goals, the Hungarian government provides 80 percent additional national funding in addition to the EU development resources. Thanks to this, in the period until 2027, KAP II. within the framework of the pillar, about HUF 4,300 billion can be spent on the development of Hungarian agriculture, food industry and rural settlements. Sándor Farkas called it the most important political program of the past years, that in 2021, within the framework of the Rural Development Program, the largest agricultural and food industry development program of our country was launched, as a result of which farmers were able to spend HUF 340 billion on investments this year alone. He mentioned the application schedule for agricultural and rural development subsidies starting in 2024, the express purpose of which is to promote optimal planning and predictability. In conclusion, the deputy minister called the attention of those present to buy the products of Hungarian producers and artisans on the occasion of the upcoming holiday, if they can. As he said, by consuming local products, we help the livelihood of Hungarian families and Hungarian producers, and thereby also strengthen the domestic economy.


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