Magazine: NÉBIH’s position on the ice cream ‘situation’

Date: 2018. 12. 05. 07:28

The so-called Albanian ice cream phenomenon has been causing debate in the confectionery trade for quite a while. As part of a seasonal inspection programme, the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) tried to solve the ‘mystery’ of the volume-expanded ice cream sold in Albanian-owned parlours. They analysed 180 samples taken in 36 ice cream parlours of 10 cities – informed head of department Anna Zoltai.

NÉBIH has found that the giant balls of ice cream sold by Albanians weigh less than the smaller, traditional balls sold by other ice cream parlours; the additive content of the latter was also lower. What is more, the volume-expanded Albanian ice creams can’t cool down those who are eating them as much as the smaller balls of ice cream, which are made using a larger quantity of ingredients.