Magazine: According to the shoppers (Part 2)

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2018. 08. 14. 07:30

Kata Pádár
head of customer relationship
Kantar-Hoff mann

The mechanism of promotional games and the value of prizes that can be won have great influence on how much shoppers want to participate. Complicated rules, logoed gifts and prizes that represent small value don’t really motivate for participation. Shoppers are willing to register online, but the more data they have to provide, the less motivated they feel to play. It is interesting that the more popular a prize is, the smaller the chance shoppers think they have for winning it – this discourages them from participating in the promotion. Shoppers like tasting sessions when new products are launched, but are less interested in them if no game, activity, gift or free product sample is tied to these campaigns. //


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