Tesco moves towards self-stervice checkouts due customer demands

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2022. 08. 12. 19:32

Tesco says goodbye to staffed checkouts as it prioritises self-service in store revamp. A number of staffed checkouts will remain in place but the move will see a significant change in store layout.

Customers choose self-service checkouts

Tesco is putting a greater focus on self-service checkouts as it preps to remove the majority of manned checkouts from stores. Tesco is stripping out the majority of manned checkouts from many of its larger stores as it moves towards a greater focus on self-service checkouts.

The UK’s biggest supermarket said it would begin reducing the number of traditional manned checkouts available in-store due to a “lack of customer demand”. It said that trials of the larger self-checkout areas – specifically designed for trolleys rather than baskets – had proved successful.

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