Plums are the superstar of autumn fruits

By: STA Date: 2022. 09. 26. 07:50

The European Fresh Team – the power of flavors! program’s autumn workshop, chef József Bernáth presented an exciting plum recipe, but he also revealed the super properties that make the plum a real superstar among fruits.

The five most important super properties of plums

1, A real vitamin bomb: natural source of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, high in antioxidants and minerals. Its vitamin and antioxidant content is not only important from the point of view of the prevention of cancer, but can also be an effective help against wrinkles, for example.

2, Due to the combined effect of vitamin K1 and potassium, the consumption of plums can contribute to the preservation of healthy bones, to the improvement of vascular wall functions, i.e. to the reduction of the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3. Plums have an excellent detoxifying and detoxifying effect: thanks to their fiber and sorbitol content, they have a laxative effect, stimulate metabolism and aid digestion.

4, Plums are also known as the natural secret to slimness, because not only does it effectively help you lose weight, but it also prevents obesity due to its chlorogenic acid content. In addition, chlorogenic acid helps to maintain the elasticity of blood vessel walls and has a positive effect on sugar and lipid metabolism.

5, Nutritious fruit, which is an effective solution for anemia and iron deficiency, thus improving the well-being.

Seasonal plum main course by József Bernáth

There are thousands of different types of plums, which differ in color, size, shape and content. However, they have in common that they are very healthy and worth consuming regularly. Chef József Bernáth, the gastronomic ambassador of the European Fresh Team, drew attention to two things with his special plum main dish. One is how plums can be used in many different ways – even as a main dish – and the other is that it is worth using different types of plums in different ways in the kitchen.
She made plum-braised turkey with mint bulgur salad and plum chutney, using two types of plums. Toptaste is one of the most popular types of plums, the special feature of which is that, in addition to its sweetness, it is also sufficiently acidic, which is why it goes well with meat or in cakes. József Bernáth incorporated it into his main dish: he steamed this softer, yellowish meat, succulent-tasting variety together with the turkey meat. The raw material for the chutney was provided by another, slightly sourer, harder-fleshed variety, the Stanley. At the workshop, the chef also presented a classic plum dessert, which he spiced up with an imaginative presentation, especially for the children. – Children generally prefer pancakes with hazelnut cream or apricot jam. However, if we sneak a pinch of cinnamon into the plum jam and bring a little playfulness to the serving, we can easily make them fall in love with this version as well. József Bernáth said.

If you are interested in the chef’s plum chutney turkey and plum jam pancake serving tips, watch the latest video of the European Fresh Team on the program’s social media platforms:
József Bernáth’s special plum recipe is available on the website of the European Fresh Team program:

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