Plant protection is the basis of food safety

By: STA Date: 2024. 02. 20. 09:30

The safety of the food chain must be guaranteed from its roots, i.e. plant protection. That is why the professional up-to-dateness of plant doctors is not only of scientific interest, but also of social interest – stated Minister of Agriculture István Nagy at the 70th Plant Protection Science Days event at MATE’s Buda Campus.

(Photo: AM/Csaba Pelsőczy)

The head of the department drew attention to the fact that the cooperation of plant protection specialists and the joint application of integrated plant protection methods ensure the production of healthy food while protecting the environment. In this process, the knowledge of herbalists is of particular importance. The world is changing day by day, so plant protection specialists must also provide appropriate answers to social and climatic challenges. We must rely on precision plant protection, as well as biological and chemical solutions, he added.

The minister reminded that for years, pesticides have been used below the EU average in Hungary

At the same time, we are convinced that in addition to the need to reduce emissions, we must preserve the country’s crop security. Therefore, the focus should not be on mere quantitative mitigation, but also on reducing the risks of use. Thus, special attention must be paid to the wide practical implementation of integrated plant protection methods. István Nagy considers it a serious achievement that it was possible to get the Brussels bureaucrats to back down in accordance with the Hungarian position. The European Commission is withdrawing its draft regulation on the sustainable use of plant protection products, he added. As part of the event, the Minister of Agriculture recognized the work of plant protection specialists by handing over certificates.


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