Nestlé and the Schwarz Group at the top of the international brand equity ranking

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2023. 09. 27. 14:15

According to the latest report from brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance, Nestlé is the world’s most valuable food brand. Among retail chains, the Schwarz Group is the leader in Europe, says the Dutch Veraart Research Group Retail Index.

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Nestlé’s Swiss brand equity grew by 8% year-on-year to USD 22.4bn. In the second place we find Chinese dairy brand Yili, whose brand equity jumped 17% to USD 12.4bn, while snack brand Lay’s finished third in the ranking, with its brand equity up 29% at USD 11.1bn.

Satisfying consumer needs

Nestlé expanded its plant-based portfolio this year with the launch of a new dairy alternative, to satisfy the rising global demand for plant-based products. Savio D’Souza, director of valuation at Brand Finance: “Nestlé is raising the bar as a global brand, setting a new benchmark for the industry and inspiring confidence in consumers worldwide. With a rich heritage and a portfolio of trusted brands, Nestlé continues to build its unrivalled global reputation, which is strengthened further by the company’s commitment to creating a healthier and more sustainable future”.

Schwarz Group is the No.1

Europe’s food retail sector is big and it keeps growing: the combined sales revenues of the largest food retailers on the continent reached EUR 3tn in 2022, according to the Dutch Veraart Research Group Retail Index. At the same time the number of grocery stores operating in Europe was around 300,000. While e-commerce and new shopping channels are conquering Europe, the largest retailers still generate the majority of sales from their physical store networks, for example market leader Schwarz Group has about 12,600 Lidl and Kaufland stores. //


Europe’s top 10 grocery retail chains, based on available annual sales data for 2021

1. Schwarz Group (Germany) – Sales: EUR 125.3bn

Germany-based Schwarz Group is Europe’s biggest retailer, and the group’s top two chains, Lidl and Kaufland have more than 12,600 stores across Europe.

2. ALDI Nord and Süd (Germany) – Sales: EUR 106.3bn

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd, the company’s two separate chains, run a total of more than 8,800 stores. Just like in Germany, Aldi’s market presence is shared between the two chains in other countries too.

3. REWE Group (Germany) – Sales: EUR 63.7bn

Another German chain, REWE has a diverse portfolio with different store formats, including REWE supermarkets, Penny discount stores, and Baumarkt DIY stores.

4. Edeka (Germany) – Sales: EUR 61.0bn

German retail cooperative Edeka runs a network of independent stores across Germany, including Edeka supermarkets and Netto Marken-Discount discount stores.

5. Tesco (UK) – Sales: EUR 56.67bn

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, with operations in Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Tesco operates a network of more than 4,600 stores.

6. Carrefour (France) – Sales: EUR 55.37bn

Carrefour is based in France, but it is present in several European countries and on other continents too, with more than 11 000 stores, from small shops to large hypermarkets.

7. E.Leclerc (France) – Sales: EUR 40.9bn

French cooperative E.Leclerc is the leading retailer in France, with approximately 1,500 stores.

8. Les Mousquetaires (France) – Sales: EUR 40.0bn

From the chains of Les Mousquetaires, it is perhaps Intermarché that is the best known, but the group also runs Netto discount stores and Bricomarché DIY stores.

9. Sainsbury’s (UK) – Sales: EUR 36.4bn

Sainsbury’s is a retail group that operates a variety of retail formats, as well as e-commerce, and has a portfolio of more than 2,200 stores.

10. Auchan (France) – Sales: EUR 31.6bn

French retailer Auchan is present in 13 countries and operates a network of over 4,000 stores.

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