The favorite vacation spot of Hungarians is in serious danger

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 09. 09:53

Activists and environmentalists living in the Canary Islands are concerned about the negative effects of tourism, which have a negative impact on both the local population and the environment of the islands. The activities of Airbnb and are compared to the “devouring” of the islands, while the quality of life of the locals is getting worse.

Due to the excessive growth of tourism, many local residents have no choice but to live in their cars or in caves. Large tourism companies put pressure on the islands’ resources and infrastructure, causing serious problems in health, waste management, water management and biodiversity loss.

The group “Canarias se exhausta” (The Canary Islands are exhausted) is planning mass demonstrations on April 20 to draw attention to the negative effects of tourism and demand urgent changes. Activists demand the introduction of a new, sustainable tourism model that would enable tourism and the population to coexist. In addition, they would like to improve health and education services, expand public transport and guarantee the right to housing.

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