The government stands by the grape growers and the winemakers

By: STA Date: 2024. 05. 16. 11:00

There are enough challenges in the grape and wine sector, but the Hungarian government stands by the producers and the winemakers, as it has so far and will continue to do so in the future. As a partner, it helps to adapt to changes. In addition to the support sources of the sector, the wine market’s current events and legislative changes affecting the sector were also discussed on Thursday.

(Photo: Pixabay)

György Zsolt Papp, the Deputy Secretary of State responsible for the implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy of the Ministry of Agriculture, said that starting this year the KAP Strategic Plan resources were opened for the wine sector. With this, HUF 10-11 billion will become available in the sector every year, and rural development subsidies are also available. Nearly 112 million euros are available to support the sector in the financial period until 2027. Subsidy options related to the restructuring of vineyards and supporting winemaking investments have already appeared. In 2024, the tender opportunity to support innovation investments will be introduced as an innovation, with the help of which, on the one hand, environmentally friendly packaging devices and, on the other hand, new winemaking or wine-based products can appear. This is also in line with the change of attitude and sustainability, he noted. Tamás Tarpataki, the deputy state secretary responsible for the agricultural market, reminded that the agricultural ministry prioritizes the production of alcohol-reduced or alcohol-free wine products that enable a wider reach of consumers and the stimulation of innovation efforts that strengthen environmental sustainability. Furthermore, according to his statement, the promotion of Hungarian wine and the strengthening of its presence on the domestic and foreign markets will continue. A significant amount of around 6 million euros is available for this purpose until 2027. Tamás Andréka, State Secretary for Public Administration of the Ministry, explained the provisions of the Protection of Origin Act, which coherently and transparently regulate the national procedures related to geographical indications of agricultural products, traditional expressions of wine products, and traditional special products. The Protection of Origin Act provides the framework and encourages the so-called the creation of management organizations that can act to ensure adequate legal protection of protected geographical indications and intellectual property rights directly related to them. In addition, they are able to develop and implement information and promotion activities, as well as monitor the commercial use of a registered name and prepare economic analyses. In order to create the resources necessary for their operation and the performance of their listed activities, the management organizations can establish a protection fund in the manner specified by law – detailed the state secretary.


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