Magazine: Home-baked breads and cakes have returned

By: Kátai Ildikó Date: 2021. 03. 10. 07:10

The baking category has been one of the winners of the COVID-generated increase in home consumption. Consumer demand increased for flour and baking ingredients.

Even the biggest demand for flour can be satisfied

Szentirmai András EPMS

András Szentirmai
marketing expert
Első Pesti Malom

The main buyers of Első Pesti Malom’s products are bakeries and industrial users, but they offer a wide range of products to households too. András Szentirmai, marketing expert of Első Pesti Malom- és Sütőipari Zrt. told: they make basic flours and special products too, altogether more than 20 different flours, e.g. pizza flour, cake flour, durum flour, wholemeal flour. In the company’s Székesfehérvár mill gluten-free flour is made from rice and corn. In Kunszentmiklós they operate a certified organic mill, where organic cereal grains are processed.

Bokros Gábor Gyermelyi

Gábor Bokros
marketing director

Gyermelyi Zrt. is building a brand: a few years ago every product was given a new look and the products now bear the same Gyermelyi logo, in a central position on the packaging. Gábor Bokros, Gyermelyi Zrt.’s marketing director informed us that last March demand jumped for bread flours and stayed at this higher level afterwards. In high seasons refined flour sales grow the most, but demand also rises for other baking ingredients, e.g. strudel flour, semolina, etc.

Popular alternatives

Keresztesi Ferenc-Kalifa

Ferenc Keresztesi
commercial director

Shoppers are becoming increasingly conscious when it comes to buying baking ingredients. As part of this trend demand is growing for healthy alternatives of baking ingredients.

Ferenc Keresztes, commercial director of Kalifa told Trade magazin that the coronavirus pandemic strengthened this demand for diverse and healthy ingredients further. Kalifa offers one of the biggest dried fruit, nut and baking ingredient product selections in Europe, including healthy classic and reform products too.

PappKrisztiánSándor PAComp

Krisztián Sándor Papp
managing director

According to Pa-Comp Kft.’s managing director Krisztián Sándor Papp, the company’s plans for 2021 include product innovation work and switching to new packaging material. He talked about people wanting safety in the current pandemic situation, which gives a boost to home cooking and baking. The company’s PACO products make the lives of housewives easier with both classic and convenience products – good examples of the latter are the Poppie, PACO Poppy Seed and Wellnut products.



A házi kenyerek és sütemények reneszánsza

Baking and cooking at home has become trendy again (partly due to the lockdown)

New innovations

Első Pesti Malom comes out with new, innovative flours every year. This year’s new products are made of oat and rice. The company’s gluten-free bakery is now up and running and Első Pesti Malom is busy looking for sales channels for the new products.

Gyermelyi is going to open a new mill in 2021 and the company will carry on building the Gyermelyi umbrella brand. They want to let every consumer know that by buying Gyermelyi products they get high-quality, Hungarian-made, safe flour, pasta or eggs. Kalifa started introducing a new image in 2020 and last November they rolled out the resealable doy pack packaging for prunes and dried cranberries. Already 17 products have the new packaging design.

Pa-Comp is changing the packaging of products inspired by the latest minimalist design trend. The company is also strengthening its online presence, for instance many recipes are waiting for those consumers who visit the PACO Magyarország Facebook page. //

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