Consumers are no longer looking for heavy red wines

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 08. 28. 11:57

Extreme weather conditions and changing consumer habits pose significant challenges to Bordeaux winemakers. Many feel that production is no longer profitable, leading some to dismantle vineyards and seek compensation from the government. According to data cited by CNBC, in June and July alone, there were 584 appeals to local authorities from winemakers who are either considering quitting the profession altogether or diversifying their production, affecting nearly five thousand hectares of vineyards.

Over the next five years, Bordeaux is expected to produce fewer wines, with climate change further accelerating these changes. Lack of access to water is anticipated to become a major issue, critical for the wine production process. However, besides climate change, winemakers also confront other issues. Although the region is renowned for its red wines, declining global demand has led consumers to opt for lighter wines and beer instead. In France, the number of breweries continues to rise, and beer sales are increasing, whereas wine sales are decreasing.

French wine is also losing popularity abroad, with exports dropping by 5% last year. Meanwhile, other wine regions such as Germany are experiencing the positive impacts of climate change, as rising temperatures benefit their wines.

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