The retail distribution of vegetable seedlings was controlled by Nébih

By: STA Date: 2024. 06. 12. 09:00

Traders selling seedlings on the markets have been inspected by Nébih specialists in recent weeks, stated Dr.Márton Nobilis, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The state secretary emphasized that producers selling at the markets in Székesfehérvár, Lehel Square in Budapest, and Bosnyák Square were examined, and a warehouse in Kápolnásnyék was also visited.He added that a total of more than 5,000 seedlings were checked, including tomato, pepper, celery, eggplant, cucumber and zucchini seedlings. The State Secretary emphasized that the quality and origin of the seedlings were examined, as they significantly influence the success of vegetable cultivation.

Dr. Márton Nobilis added that, apart from minor administrative irregularities, there was no need to initiate infringement procedures during the inspections

A license is not required for sales on local markets, if the quantity of seedlings sold does not exceed 10,000 per variety, or 150,000 in total, he added. Dr. Márton Nobilis emphasized that if vegetable seedlings are marketed for the purpose of growing goods, their production and distribution must comply with the requirements of the relevant legislation. He added that the purpose of the official inspections was to investigate the distribution of vegetable seedlings for use in small gardens.


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