Vegetables for breakfast too! – Spring breakfast tips from the European Fresh Team

By: STA Date: 2023. 04. 12. 11:00

We often hear that breakfast is the most important meal, as it starts the day and affects our performance and our well-being throughout the day. In the spring, we can expect even more from a carefully thought-out vegetable breakfast, as it contributes to recharging the body and the functioning of the immune system. In addition, the first spring vegetables are not only really fresh in color, but also in taste. With the breakfast tips of the European Fresh Team program, anyone can spice up their breakfast and make it even healthier!

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According to Lili Fülöp, dietitian of the European Fresh Team program, it is worth eating 1-2 portions of the recommended 5 servings of vegetables for breakfast. A portion of fresh spring vegetables can be, for example, two medium-sized tomatoes or ten small cherry tomatoes, one large bell pepper, ten-month-old radishes or just one third of a snake cucumber. The bottom line is that it’s worth paying attention to the main meal that starts the day, because eating breakfast increases concentration, improves memory, and thanks to vegetables, it guarantees vitamin and fiber intake, so children can enjoy all the positive effects of this at school and adults at work. With the help of a dietitian from the European Fresh Team, he collected some tips on how fresh vegetables can be a regular part of spring family breakfasts.

Egg breakfasts with vegetables

Breakfast egg dishes can easily be supplemented with fresh spring vegetables. From fried eggs to scrambled eggs, you can add peppers, tomatoes, spring onions, radishes or cucumbers to any of your favorite egg dishes. For the sake of the children, we can also shape these, for example, radishes can be made into cute mice, and tomatoes can be made into small flowers. Vegetables can also be incorporated into egg dishes, as the vitamin content of many spring vegetables is not lost during cooking and baking (e.g. tomatoes). You can add grated or sliced cucumbers, peppers, spring onions or carrots to scrambled eggs or omelettes. You can also bake peppers and spring onions in the egg muffins along with the cheese and ham. Although these breakfast dishes already contain vegetables, they can also be eaten with fresh vegetables: cherry tomatoes or radishes.

Vegetables also go well with oats

Oats can also be prepared salty: the vegetables mentioned with eggs can thus make a classically sweet ingredient interesting. Oats can be made into a savory porridge with cucumbers and carrots or even a pie, but these vegetables can even be included in the sweet version, as they do not make our food salty.

No sandwich without vegetables

Fresh spring vegetables are an essential addition to sandwich breakfasts. There is no sandwich that cannot be spiced up with vegetables! If it is difficult to get the children to eat the vegetables, involve them in the serving process. For example, use toothpicks to make snacks out of sliced vegetables, cheese, or ham, which they can then eat with sandwiches or bread with butter. In the case of sandwiches, we don’t want to hide the vegetables, but rather serve them creatively.

Plus a tip

A smoothie or pressed juice eaten with breakfast is also a real vitamin bomb, for which cucumbers and tomatoes can also be a great base. Lili Fülöp reminds her that most of the spring vegetables offered for breakfast can be prepared in advance, even the night before, can be sliced in advance and stored in a well-sealed box will remain fresh and crunchy for a long time.


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