Work Force: more than 45 percent of career starters plan to stay at a workplace for at least five years

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 07. 04. 10:32

In Hungary, more than 45 percent of the 18-25-year-old age group plans to stay in a workplace for five or more years – Work Force Kft. announced on Tuesday with MTI, based on its latest representative research.

The Newcomer Index commissioned by the HR service provider also revealed that newcomers are becoming more and more loyal. Because in last year’s survey, 39 percent of the respondents indicated that they planned to stay with one employer for at least five years.

According to the research, most young people believe that they will be able to advance in their professional career within two years, while 46 percent of them see promotion between 3 and 5 years as realistic.It was pointed out that the number of those who had been with the same employer for less than a year was insignificant.

They also mentioned that 76 percent of the respondents would like to participate in further training, which the majority would do within two years. In addition, the young people were also open to new career opportunities, 64 percent of the career starters would learn another field in the coming years.

They added that the majority of those interviewed would like to be recognized in their profession and to be a useful member of a team.

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