What do you put your name on?

Date: 2017. 12. 06. 07:04

According to Ferenc Keresztesi, managing director of Present Store Kft., every company – be it small or large – needs to use promotional gifts to make sure that they are ‘visible’.

Ferenc Keresztesi
managing director
Present Store

Sándor Varga, the owner of Rayawadi Kft. explained to our magazine that a company has to specify the target group to which they wish to give promotional gifts very precisely and find out which are those objects that make them say ‘vow, this is really nice, I have never been given anything like this before!’ Éva Váradi, sourcing and marketing director of Reklámajándék.hu Kft. is of the opinion that simple and convenient gifts work best at trade fairs, such as textile bags or foldable fans.

Sándor Varga

Éva Váradi
sourcing and marketing director

Mr Keresztesi pointed out that product quality has become very important for partners – basically only premium quality products can be sold to them. Tech gadgets and trendy products such as the fidget spinner are popular gift ideas these days. Ms Váradi added that various USB tools are successful in the market – from fans to reading lights – just like the USB keys combined with a ballpoint pen or powerbank. Alexandra Kracsó, founder of the GREENPROMO Collection told Trade magazin that this year they had come out with a new product called Flower Seed Bag, which proved to be very popular among their partners.

It was about 20 years ago that 3D stickers came out; they have a special place among promotional gifts. Gábor Bagonyi, managing director of Eurologo Hungary Kft. told Trade magazin that it is primarily brand manufacturers and branded product sellers that buy these self-adhesive stickers, which they ‘incorporate into’ their products as a brand marking. Improved versions of these can function as promotional gifts.

Alexandra Kracsó

Gábor Bagonyi
managing director
Eurologo Hungary

We learned from Győző Sauer, sales director of Absolut Gift that promotional gift companies make sure to offer new and creative products every year. These include VR glasses, smart watches, touchscreen pens and key rings. He added that many companies still use boring promotional gifts such as pens, paper bags and candies at trade fairs. Zoltán Kiss, director of Dajar Kft. revealed that there are two main innovation directions: one is the so-called brand new products and the other is reinterpreted retro.

Mr Sauer reckons that most companies use their promotional gift budgets to purchase the ‘compulsory’ presents. However, some firms have specific gift ideas for their trade fair presence, such as computer games or other computer-related gifts.

Mr Sauer opines that logoed pens, chocolate and similar gifts don’t work well at trade fairs: no experience is attached to them and in three days’ time the person who received them won’t remember where they got it from. Ms Váradi believes that a company shouldn’t give fragile or heavy gifts at trade exhibitions. Gifts should be tied to the given season and presents work best if those who get them think they will need it in the future.

Győző Sauer
sales director
Absolut Gift

Zoltán Kiss

Mr Kiss reckons that if a company wants trade fair visitors to remember them, they should give them some kind of durable present that has a connection to the company’s product. Ms Kracsó thinks it is very important for companies to use a special approach that can differentiate them from their competitors. For instance one of her company’s top promotional ideas is the tree planting project. //