The fauna of lawns is in danger due to bad legislation

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 07. 25. 09:51

The Association of Hungarian Animal Breeders considers it important that the Hungarian population encounters realistic and professionally based news in all kinds of media content. It is particularly important for us to provide objective, accurate and professionally grounded information about our profession and the environment, as well as its protection. Based on these principles, we found it necessary to respond to the announcement of the WWF’s domestic organization published on July 15.

WWF Hungary criticized the announcement of the Minister of Agriculture, in which the head of the ministry informed that, in order to alleviate the damage caused by the drought, he had asked the European Commission for permission to lift the mowing restrictions related to the grasslands affected by the agri-environmental management program (AKG). According to the organization, this thoughtless request affects less than 1% of domestic grasslands, which does not substantially alleviate the fodder shortage, but can damage habitats where birds are still hatching in their nests in the grass in the first half of July, or where chicks are unable to fly, and rare , the mower can also cut through the reproductive period of protected butterflies.

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