Vénusz Butter Magic and Vénusz With Real Butter for frying

By: trademagazin Date: 2015. 04. 02. 11:12

The Vénusz Butter novelties perfectly combine the softness of the margarine with the traditional flavors of the butter. The Vénusz Vajvarázslat (Vénusz Butter Magic) thanks to its very high, 47 percent butter content is very tasty and can easily spread. It is also available in a salty version, it can be an excellent complement to all breakfasts and meals.

We recommend the Vénusz Valódi Vajjal (Vénusz With Real Butter) for frying. It can be used, right after taking it from the fridge, however, thanks to its butter content (11%) it gives a traditional flavor to salty and sweet pastries as well.


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