This summer’s harvest is coming to an end

By: STA Date: 2023. 08. 04. 09:00

This year’s summer harvest work is coming to an end. Compared to last year’s extremely droughty year, the harvest is more favorable and more than covers the domestic supply needs, but at the same time it falls short of the preliminary quantity and quality expectations for this year, stated State Secretary for Agriculture and Rural Development Zsolt Feldman.

(Photo: Pixabay)

The state secretary drew attention to the fact that the harvest on about 1.8 million hectares took place in the country with a good schedule and without significant interruptions. By the beginning of August, 100 percent of the autumn barley had been harvested, and only 50,000 hectares of wheat had to be harvested. In the current farming year, the size of the autumn sowing areas is above average. Ears and canola were also in a favorable condition during the harvest period, although the stormy weather of the past few weeks caused serious damage to barley and, to a lesser extent, wheat in some areas, the state secretary pointed out.

Based on the data of the National Chamber of Agrarian Economy, it can be said about the details of the harvest that the national average yield of autumn barley is 5.51 tons per hectare

Calculating with this yield – also thanks to the area expansion – almost 2.2 million tons of autumn barley were harvested, compared to the result of 1.4 million tons in 2022. Compared to the previous years, the winter wheat production area increased significantly and reached 1 million hectares. In addition to the 94% completion of the harvest, a national average yield of 5.6 tons per hectare can be seen, so the total yield may be around 5.6 million tons. The average yield of last year’s autumn wheat was 4.4 tons per hectare, and the total yield was 4.2 million tons. The harvest of the autumn cabbage rape is essentially finished. On a sown area of 189,000 hectares, 50,000 hectares less than last year, with a good yield average of 3 tons per hectare, it produced around 600,000 tons, which is higher than the 506,000 tons in 2022, despite the decreasing sown area. The harvest of the grain crops grown in the smaller area – triticale, rye, oats – is also nearing its end, this year’s results for these crops also exceed last year’s values, explained Zsolt Feldman. At the same time, the state secretary emphasized that the situation of farmers is made more difficult by the increased production costs due to the Russian-Ukrainian war and the sanctions policy and the current situation on the European grain market. The Ministry of Agriculture will use all possible means to direct Ukrainian grain to the former markets and thereby strengthen the sales opportunities of domestic farmers, he added.


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