The restaurants are waiting for the money to collect the used oil

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 26. 11:11

Many Hungarian restaurants are still waiting for the money from the MOHU for the collection of half a year’s worth of used oil, which arrives with a delay of several months – according to an owner’s report. MOHU, a subsidiary of Mol, took over the area of waste collection in Hungary in July last year, but several entrepreneurs are dissatisfied due to unpaid payments.

Before the start of the new concession, restaurants were often paid immediately for the collected oil. However, since moving to the MOHU, there have been several months of delays in payments, which puts many people in a difficult situation. Due to the late payments, not only financial problems arose, but it also created mistrust of the company in the entrepreneurs.

It is not only the delays that cause problems, but also the fact that after the first two months, MOHU did not account for some restaurants. Therefore, contacting the company is not always easy, and solving problems can be lengthy.

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