There is room for improvement in the Hungarian FMCG sector in terms of digitalization

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 11. 30. 12:39

EDITEL recently conducted research on the archiving of company data and documents, which, among other things, examined how widespread digital archiving is, whether they trust cloud-based services, and whether they are ready to abandon paper, which is also an important aspect in achieving sustainability goals.

Digital archiving is now being used in more and more places, which is not only one of the positives of the coronavirus epidemic, but can also be an important step in considering companies’ sustainability efforts. That is why EDITEL conducted a survey in several sectors, and we were most interested in the FMCG results.

Most of the responses to the research came from senior employees, middle managers, and top managers. A surprising result is that almost half of the surveyed companies (47%) do not have an established process control system for archiving, and the same number do not archive documents digitally. Compared to this, only 7% have already lost important documents because of this. Those who archive, on the other hand, mostly archive legal documents (100%), invoices (100%), performance certificates (63%) and audit materials (75%).

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