V4 agricultural chambers: a change of direction is needed in EU agricultural policy

By: STA Date: 2024. 06. 21. 11:00

The agricultural policy of the EU must change radically, otherwise the agriculture of the union will be in a hopeless situation – the agricultural chambers of the V4 countries emphasize in their communique.

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The agricultural chambers of the Visegrad Group countries held a meeting on June 17-18 in Choťovice, Czech Republic. The event was attended by the leaders of the Czech Chamber of Agriculture, the National Council of Polish Chambers of Agriculture, the Slovak Chamber of Agriculture and Food Industry, and the Hungarian National Chamber of Agriculture. Among other things, they discussed the situation of agricultural markets, the reasons for the farmers’ protests taking place throughout Europe, and the protection of the names of food of animal origin.

As the war in Ukraine continues, farmers across Europe continue to face unpredictable conditions and livelihood difficulties

Production costs have risen significantly, small and medium-sized economies are struggling with serious existential problems, while uncontrollably produced Ukrainian and other third-country goods flood the EU markets. Farmers are in dire need of significant and quick help, and it is essential for the European Commission to activate the crisis reserves of the Common Agricultural Policy. Farmers’ patience has run out, agriculture must become the focus of EU policy, and because of its strategic importance, it must be prioritized.

The V4 agricultural chambers emphasize that the European Green Agreement in its current form and schedule has a serious negative impact on the competitiveness of agriculture

While the member states receive roughly the same amount of support as in 2014, farmers are also faced with an increase in production costs, unsustainable markets, and a decrease in the purchasing power of the population. In the midst of these difficulties, it is not possible to switch to even more sustainable production. Accession negotiations with Ukraine must be preceded by a detailed analysis of the impact of accession on agriculture and the EU’s position in international trade.

The V4 consultation also dealt with the protection of the names of foods of animal origin

In the EU, farmers and food producers are increasingly dissatisfied with the labeling of plant-based foods. For example, in the Czech Republic, France, and Italy, efforts are being made to protect the names of food of animal origin. The V4 advocates EU-level protection not only for milk and milk products, but also for other foods of animal origin (meat, meat products, fish, eggs, honey, etc.). The goal is to ensure that the labeling of plant products does not mislead consumers regarding their nutritional value.

The next joint meeting of the agricultural chambers of the Visegrád Group will take place in Hungary, in September 2024.


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