5th meeting of the Hungarian Confectioners Guild

By: Trademagazin Date: 2021. 11. 25. 10:39

The two-day meeting of the Hungarian Confectioners Guild took place in the Fenyves Hotel and Conference Centre in Baktalórántháza. Éva Vojtek, the guild’s grant and international relations coordinator summarised the most important information in her report.

Magyar Cukrász Ipartestület

There were four big topics discussed. 1. Generation change in family-owned confectioneries. Jánosné Rabóczky spoke about how they did the generation change and Adrienn Petrezselyem explained how after her mother’s death she decided to preserve what her parents had built up – in spite of the fact that originally she didn’t want to work in confectionery. 2. Positive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gábor Mészáros shed light on how his confectionery managed to keep all workers. He operates two shops, one of which is in Graz.

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3. The future of traditional Hungarian pastries. Sándorné Görömbei gave a presentation about the segment of homemade type pastries, while Péter Jagyutt spoke about how confectionery will stay alive until a confectioner can use artisan energies in his work. 4. Changes in trade education. Csaba Elek, deputy director of BGSZC talked about the changes in trade education, employment contracts and financial interests. //

This article was published in 11/2021 of Trade magazin.