Shop-in-shop: eMAG has launched a hair care and make-up section

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 05. 03. 12:09

eMAG Hungary has recently launched its new Hair Care and Makeup section as part of its shop-in-shop concept, offering an impressive array of over 70,000 hair care and makeup products, as well as hairstyling tools. The platform also caters to men, providing access to more than 7,000 male grooming products and accessories.

This shop-in-shop interface presents over 70,000 products from brands targeting both average and professional users. Although the majority of the products on this new interface are designed to meet women’s skincare and haircare needs, there is also a significant selection for men, featuring 7,000 items within the Hair Care and Makeup section.

The addition of this new section on has been motivated by the popularity of hair shampoos, hair treatments, hair dyes, conditioners, and makeup products (including foundations and mascaras), which are among the most sought-after items in the entire beauty care category. “According to Eurostat, beauty products were among the top three most popular categories ordered online in Europe last year. Hungary is no exception; 25.4% of internet users in Hungary purchased cosmetics in 2023. With the launch of our Hair Care and Makeup section, we aim to assist our customers by simplifying the process of selecting hair and skin care products. Here, they can find products and tools that suit their needs and help them easily create their desired styles,” said Kinga Daradics, Managing Director of eMAG Hungary.

Until May 7, 2024, customers who order at least two products from the Hair Care and Makeup section will receive a minimum discount of 20% on selected products as part of an introductory campaign. Following the success of the Garden Shop, this new section is the second shop-in-shop launched by eMAG in Hungary in recent months, with plans to introduce more in the future.

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