ULINK: 12 times make up a dozen

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 08. 20. 21:12

ULINK members met for the 12th time on 5 June. The new Unilever office is very stylish and participants started gathering 1 hour before the programme’s start. We had a superb dinner, courtesy of the chefs of Food Solution. There were special guests too: Alberto di Leo, the new managing director of Unilever Hungary and the Adriatic region, and Joe Karavani. ULINK members had the opportunity to listen to the guests, ask questions and discuss various matters with them and their fellow participants – as a matter of fact, there were many new ones this year.

Every year we focus on a new topic at the meeting, something that has general importance, while at the trade programmes – which are organised twice a year for those ULINK members who are still active in the business world – the topic is decided on by the participants themselves. The meeting ended after 23:00, but many continued their conversations in the parking lot too. We will definitely meet again in 2020! We belong together because all of us used to work or still work for Unilever, and this fact brings us together for life, creating a real community from us, and proving that our past and our memories form an important part of our present as well. //