László Újszászi Bogár: Is one “why” enough to convince?

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 01. 30. 11:10

One of the most effective ways of persuasion is to get the person you want to convince to convince himself. At first, this sounds like an extremely difficult task, but in reality it is much simpler than that – László Újszászi Bogár, an expert in persuasion and influence techniques, writes on LinkedIn.

Consider the example of a restaurant that has integrated a very simple trick into its daily operations. The restaurant in question instead of the request “Please contact us by phone to cancel your table reservation” switched to the question “Would you call us if you would like to cancel your table reservation?”.

The result? The rate of no-shows decreased from 30% to 10%. Thus, for example, a loss of income of 12,000 euros resulting from this can be reduced to 4,000 euros per month. It’s no wonder how much a minimal wording change can mean!

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