New-wave Hungarian honeys

By: STA Date: 2022. 09. 15. 11:31

And let there be Flower Peace!

Every drop of honey is a treasure (Photo: Virágbéke)

Honeys that are delicious, honeys that are quality, honeys that are different! These are the products of the new-wave Hungarian honey brand, Virágbéke Mez Manufaktúra! The youthful beekeeping offers quality honeys from only Hungarian sources for those interested in classic, organic and special honeys. We can treat ourselves to award-winning and special flavored honeys, whether the goal is to strengthen the immune system or simply to accumulate pleasures.

Award-winning Virágbeke honeys

ÁBRÁNDOS DÉLIBÁB – BIO Hortobágy wild flower honey

This special, piquant variety honey comes from the pollen of many plants and wild flowers, from the center of Hortobágy. Its color is golden, velvety inviting! From early spring to late autumn, the bees diligently collect the essence of the blooming wildflowers. Virágbéke Hortobágy wild flower honey, which is also certified BIO, has been awarded twice: it can boast a star from the Great Taste Awards and a gold rating from the London Honey Awards!

AVERAGE MONDAY – Acacia honey

Hungarikum acacia honey is a classic honey with a harmonious, pleasantly soft taste and a scent of acacia flowers. Its aroma without aftertaste makes it so popular, its taste is sweeter than most honey! We recommend its consumption in all forms, either raw or for baking and cooking. Virágbék’s acacia honey is also an award-winner: in 2022, it received a silver rating at the Dubai International Taste Awards!

BOYS FROM THE STREET – Chestnut honey

This dark-colored chestnut honey with a high mineral content comes from the early summer flowers of sweet chestnuts! The aroma and characteristic taste of the chestnut flower are highly valued by connoisseurs, as well as by experts, since Virágbéke’s chestnut honey received a silver rating at the Dubai International Taste Awards and was awarded two stars at the Great Taste Awards 2022!

MY HEARTH ILDIKÓ – Canola cream honey

The silky creamy texture, pleasant taste, snow-white colored honey is a real energy bomb: it has an exceptionally high energizing effect. Due to its high dextrose content, it would crystallize quickly, so we offer it as cream honey. Due to its creamy texture, it is very easy to apply and does not drip! Due to its alkaline effect, it is an ideal accompaniment to mornings, whether added to tea or coffee. Virágbék’s canola cream honey won the PLATINA rating, the highest award available at the London Honey Awards!

Special flavored honeys

A BETTER WORLD – Strawberry flavored honey cream

Honey that combines all the good qualities of strawberry and rapeseed cream honey. It is based on the precious Virágbék rapeseed honey, to which only natural strawberries are added! The unique flavor combination multiplies the uses of this special honey: we recommend it for lemonade, cakes, pancakes, topping cakes, and salads. Or just by scooping it up.

GET IT NOW – Dark chocolate flavored honey

Acacia honey and dark chocolate, a true taste paradise for honey and chocolate lovers. Virágbéke’s award-winning acacia honey flavored with 64% Peruvian chocolate. Its consumption is recommended in all forms! A true gourmet choice for lovers of special honeys.

DANGER DANGER – Creamy honey matured on a bed of mint

If you want a pleasantly refreshing, creamy delicacy, Virágbéke mint honey was invented for you. Canola cream honey on a bed of mint, in which the scent, aroma and all the beneficial effects of mint can be felt and tasted. This is the mint honey specialty of Virágbék.

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