Another quality guarantee at SPAR

By: trademagazin Date: 2016. 07. 11. 11:30

This year, SPAR fulfilled the highest expectations of the IFS Logistics Standard. The company obtained the certification in 2014. With the certification obtained each year the chain ensures high services, development processes, based on customer criteria and the immediate, fast and efficient handling of the errors that may occur.


In the photo from left to right Springer Miklós, freight manager, Farkas István leader of the logistics center, Csönge Norbert Logistics Manager, Szerencsés László, Logistics Center Leader, Kerkai Gábor, Logistics Professional

“The SPAR not only in its stores, but also in its logistical background gives high priority to the quality of services, because we have to serve more than four hundred stores with safe and high quality products” – Maczelka Márk Head of Communications said.

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