Another campaign for increasing pork consumption

By: Trademagazin Date: 2021. 10. 06. 16:02

In order to compensate for the many hardships the Hungarian pig farming sector is facing, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Agricultural Marketing Centre (AMC) and the Hungarian Meat Industry Federation started a campaign for popularising pork consumption – it was announced at a press conference on 25 August.

Gergely Giczi (AMC), Zsolt Feldman (Ministry of Agriculture) and Tamás Éder (Hungarian Meat Industry Federation)

State secretary for agriculture and rural development Zsolt Feldman told: in 2020 the government gave an extra HUF 1.2-billion funding to the sector because of the pandemic, plus they finance more than 100 development projects with HUF 77 billion. Hungary’s per capita pork consumption rose from 24-25kg to more than 30kg since 2013. //

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