Online shopping platform Avokado launched

By: Trademagazin Date: 2022. 07. 13. 09:08

Tibor Székács used to be the managing director of Plus and Aldi Magyarország, and also worked as one of Hofer Group’s CEOs. He is now active in e-commerce with new online food shopping platform Avokado.

T.M.: – Online retail offers different opportunities than physical stores. What has made you launch Avokado?

– Since the pandemic people like to buy more things online and they do it more often, and this hasn’t changed since life returned to normal. Shoppers are also looking for certain product categories online now that they typically used to buy in brick-and-mortar stores.

Tibor Székács, managing director of Avokado

T.M.: – In the past few years quite a few new players appeared in the Hungarian e-commerce market. How is Avokado different from the other platforms?

– Usually people don’t do a big shop in just one store, but they buy different product categories from different retailers or producers. Avokado delivers a solution for this: those who visit our website can choose from the product selections of several retailers, selecting also the kind of delivery that suits their needs the best. No matter how many shops the products come from, they are delivered to customers as one parcel, on the day they are purchased.

T.M.: – How can Avokado partner stores benefit from the cooperation?

– Avokado can give them an online presence if they don’t want to start their own web shop. Those who are already selling online can increase their sales further with the help of Avokado.

T.M.: – What long-term opportunities do you see in the e-commerce market for Avokado?

– Shopping habits keep changing, the online channel is very likely to boom for groceries, and it has become clear that consumers want to shop comfortably. By acquiring new partners, increasing our product selection and improving the platform’s technological background, Avokado will be able to provide shoppers with a quality service and real experience that beats visiting physical stores. (x)

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