A new chapter in the development of Hungarian agriculture: HUF 475 billion in the name of sustainability and innovation

By: STA Date: 2024. 04. 17. 09:00

In accordance with the strategic plan of Hungary’s KAP (Common Agricultural Policy), new calls for tenders have appeared, which are intended to promote the modernization and sustainable development of the domestic agricultural sector with a total amount of HUF 475 billion.

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Dr. Hargittay Szabolcs, the owner of Eu-Tender Kft., summarized in detail the seven key support areas, which are aimed at the development and modernization of agricultural production capacities.

  1. Complex development of processing plants This form of support is particularly favorable for food processing, winemaking and fodder production plants classified as TEÁOR 10 and 11. Tenders range from full infrastructure development to the procurement of new machinery and technology, and the acquisition of intangible assets such as software and intellectual property rights. The amount of support available can climb up to 65%, with HUF 5 billion support offered in the case of the largest project.
  1. Development of processing plants Functioning as the younger brother of “complex development”, the tender option supports the same goals, but in a smaller amount, up to a maximum of HUF 200 million. A support rate of 65% is also provided for smaller-scale projects.
  1. Support for small businesses in the ornamental horticulture sector This tender is specifically aimed at micro and small businesses that deal with ornamental plant production, trade or green space management. The support covers 65% of the project’s cost, with a maximum value of HUF 36.5 million.
  1. Development of horticultural greenhouses and cold storages The tender provides an opportunity to build and develop greenhouses and cold storages, introduce post-harvest technologies, improve energy efficiency, and use renewable energy sources. Here too, subsidies can reach HUF 5 billion in the case of the largest projects.
  1. Support for horticulture – planting plantations and growing herbs provides development resources for planting fruit plantations, perennial medicinal, aromatic and spice plant plantations and wine grape plantations, up to a maximum subsidy amount of HUF 500 million, with a high subsidy of 50-65%.
  2. Support for the development of livestock farms will support the general modernisation of farms with a minimum farm size of €10 000 LU and related green investments, with a minimum of €200 million and a maximum of €5 billion. HUF 5 million.
  1. Subsidy for the renovation of Animal Farms favors smaller investors, as a maximum of HUF 200 million can be requested for the above-mentioned purposes.

Dr. Szabolcs Hargittay emphasized that the present calls for tenders are not only aimed at technological development and infrastructural renewal, but also promote the spread of environmentally friendly and sustainable production methods. These initiatives are critical elements of a strategy that a wants to strengthen the long-term competitiveness and market stability of Hungarian agriculture. The expert emphasized that potential applicants should start their preparations in time, because the complete compilation of the project can be time-consuming.


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