Urban legends about margarine

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2020. 07. 09. 11:21
There are plenty of myths about margarine but we are now helping to unravel the explanations behind urban legends.

Fats and oils are an essential part of the diet, consuming 30 percent of our daily caloric intake in the form of recommended fats. However, it really doesn’t matter what we choose: to reduce our intake of saturated fats for our health, because they can raise blood cholesterol levels.

A common argument against margarine is that it is chemically similar in structure to molecular chains as plastics. This is so, but the same is true for butter or even fatty acids found in the human body.

It is important to handle these rumors and urban legends in place, and instead of accepting them immediately, without thinking, try to find out the truth from as many authentic, expert sources as possible.

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