The Mészáros Group further increased its arable land

By: STA Date: 2023. 12. 20. 09:30

Talentis Agro Holding, which belongs to the Mészáros Group, increased its areas suitable for arable crop cultivation with the acquisition of two more agricultural companies; The corporate group with the largest land area in Hungary further strengthened its leading position in agriculture by acquiring the Agro-Várkony Group and the Aranyszarvas Group.

The Mészáros Group informed MTI on Wednesday that in the agricultural sector, with their almost 20 production companies, they manage more than 50,000 hectares, and that the main goal of the company group is to become Hungary’s largest producer of food and feed raw materials, thus ensuring a stable supply of raw materials for the Hungarian food industry, which is constantly looking for business opportunities at home and abroad, as well as agricultural areas suitable for large-scale farming that facilitate this, but it is becoming more and more common for the producers who own the areas themselves to offer their land for purchase to the corporate group.

Talentis Agro Holding realizes its leading position through modern technologies and digitalization solutions

Examples include the irrigation plant in Harsfamajor that was handed over in the spring, or the grain storage silo, drying, cleaning and serving technology that was inaugurated recently in Jánossomorján in a ceremonial setting, with which grain crops can be stored safely and in good quality for a long time – they wrote. They indicated that the strategic goals of the holding include investments that enable further stable growth in this challenging economic environment. This aspiration is supported by the two recent successful acquisitions, as a result of which Agro-Várkony and the Aranyszarvas Group, which deal with classical crop cultivation, continue to operate under the auspices of Talentis Agro Holding, they added. The Agro-Várkony Group, which farms the lands around Szolnok, is a company group with 1,350 hectares of leased land and a turnover of HUF 1.2 billion, which includes three companies: Agro-Várkony Kft., Triticum Hungária Vital Kft., Piroska-Agro Kft. The Aranyszarvas Group is a A group of companies with a turnover of HUF 1.1 billion, operating on 1,100 hectares of land, which is headquartered in Tápiószentmárton and includes four companies: Aranyszarvas Zrt., Kőrösi Kft., Aranyszarvas Szövetkezet, Juropa Kft., they announced. “During the first five years of Talentis Agro Holding’s operation, our main goal was not only to build a reliably operating group of companies, but also to achieve the market leading role, which we successfully achieved in the field of crop cultivation, and with this year’s acquisition in Croatia, we also made great progress with regard to our international expansion plans. Currently In this country, we farm more than 50,000 hectares, and with these two acquisitions in the central Hungarian region, we are further strengthening our dominant role in agriculture and domestic security of supply,” Lőrinc Mészáros, owner of the Mészáros Group, was quoted in the announcement. “Among the goals we want to achieve with acquisitions are increased efficiency, larger field sizes, a simplified sowing plan, the production of homogeneous goods, as well as the cultivation of field vegetables and seed production. There have always been and will be unpredictable factors in agriculture, both in terms of weather and economics . In this constantly changing environment, we have to find forward-looking solutions with which we can minimize the negative effects and prepare for the challenges. The new acquisitions also help us stand on more feet and diversify our portfolio,” added Makai Szabolcs, Talentis CEO of Agro Zrt., according to the announcement.


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