Hungarian-Moldovan agricultural relations are expanding further

By: STA Date: 2024. 01. 26. 10:00

Hungarian-Moldovan bilateral cooperation in agriculture holds great potential, and an investment protection agreement could give it another impetus, which would further attract Hungarian investments to Moldova. On Thursday, in Budapest, Minister of Agriculture István Nagy discussed this process, among other things, with Vladminir Bolea, the Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry.

(Photo: AM)

The parties agreed that Moldova has excellent natural features, located at the meeting point of East and West and North and South. This is a prominent strategic location where the cooperation between Moldovan capabilities and Hungarian knowledge and technology represents great potential. An excellent point for establishing joint ventures.

The ministers see the cultivation of seeds as such a common starting point

In their opinion, although no country in the region can compete with Ukraine, Russia, or Romania in terms of quantity, Hungary and Moldova could function together as a regional seed center in terms of quality. To achieve this, the parties agreed on a further personal meeting.

During the meeting, it was also mentioned that the Moldovan side would also welcome cooperation in the field of precision and drone technology

They believe that Hungarian technology is extremely favorable for this in terms of price-value ratio. The ministers also agreed on the sharing of Hungarian knowledge exports, according to which Hungarian professors and specialists will train Moldavian youth in integrated agricultural courses at the Moldovan Technical University. Later, the university students participating in the cooperation will be able to accredit a joint degree based on an international agreement.


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