Four in 10 consumers will buy food made through precision fermentation

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2023. 03. 17. 09:21

Consumers are open to food made through precision fermentation, a study Hartman Group conducted in partnership with Cargill and Perfect Day found.

Even when adults are not familiar with precision fermentation and don’t see a description of what it means, 41% would purchase a product made through that method. That likelihood doubles to 80% among adults who are familiar with the technology and see a description on product packaging.

Whether products made through precision fermentation are safe is a little more important to consumers than whether they taste good. Three out of five consumers rank safety as their top concern. Taste is important — 52% said products made through precision fermentation would need to have a superior taste for them to consume them on a regular basis.

Many companies use precision fermentation to create ingredients that are starting to come to the market. Other studies have found that consumers are willing to eat food made through the technological method if they know more about what it is and why it is done.

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