A productive and self-sufficient agriculture is needed

By: STA Date: 2023. 03. 30. 10:30

The meat industry plays an important role in the Hungarian economy, and the government also pays special attention to the support and development of the sector, said Dr. Márton Nobilis, the State Secretary responsible for the food industry and trade policy of the Ministry of Agriculture, at the press conference of the Meat Industry Association on Thursday.

The state secretary said that the priority goal of the agricultural ministry is to further improve the competitiveness of the food industry, which can thus significantly contribute to the country’s economic growth. He explained that since 2014, the amount of subsidies that have flowed into the sector has reached HUF 730 billion. Regarding meat processing, preservation and the production of meat products, this amount exceeds HUF 162 billion, which is 22 percent of the total food industry subsidies. In the 2014-2020 EU budget period, more than HUF 468 billion was allocated from domestic and EU funds for the development of the area. In the current 2021-2027 support period, even more resources can be expected, HUF 750 billion from the Rural Development Program alone are available for food industry developments, he added. Dr. Márton Nobilis emphasized that the goal is to create a food industry that is capable of growth, can stand its ground on the world market, is capable of exporting and can supply the Hungarian population with safe, fresh and healthy domestic food in the spirit of a self-sufficient state. Therefore, the major agricultural policy task of the coming years is to strengthen the domestically owned food industry and supply chains. Thus, future subsidies and policy plans will be in line with the already adopted Digital Food Industry Strategy, the main idea of which is that by strengthening digitization, the food industry can be made to function more efficiently, the state secretary underlined.

Several provisions of the Hungarian Food Code are expected to be amended in the near future

These include regulations on meat products and certain prepared meats. The definition of winter salami becomes more precise; in the case of sausages, the semi-dry and dry category will be created, and the changes will also affect hams that have been heat-treated in the form or casing. Dr. Márton Nobilis also mentioned that the Excellent Quality Food trademark system was the first and so far the only one in Hungary to be recognized as a national quality system. The state secretary also considers it important that exceptionally high-quality foods can be distinguished from other products on the market.


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