Product info from the net

By: trademagazin Date: 2007. 11. 28. 08:00

According to the Internet Insight Report of Gfk Hungária, Internet is already an important source of pre-purchase information for customers, despite the fact that online sales are still marginal in Hungary. „Neither manufacturers or retailers can afford not to provide information at least via the internet” ” says István Nagy, head of the Gfk Hungária media group. Internet penetration has reached 43 per cent among the adult population in Hungary. The 2,5 million Internet users generally obtain information about products and stores from the net, while comparing prices is only fourth among their priorities. It should be noted that at least 30 per cent of Internet users also look for opinions regarding the products they are interested in. 75 per cent of Internet users have already purchased a product or service using the net. Only 26 per cent of online customers use the net for payment as well, because most people have doubts regarding security.

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