Tamás Tarpataki: the project launched to create the ePincekönyv has been completed

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 06. 23. 10:00

The project launched for the creation of the ePincekönyv, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture (AM), said the Deputy Secretary of State responsible for the agricultural market of the AM at a press conference in Budapest on Thursday.

Tamás Tarpataki announced: the project launched in May 2019 was realized with the cooperation of the Government Information Technology and Development Agency (KIFÜ), the National Infocommunication Service Provider (NISZ) Zrt. and the Ministry of Finance, in which the ministry was responsible for leading the consortium. Their prominent partners were also the National Council of Mountain Communities and the National Food Chain Safety Office (Nébih).

The project served to add an electronic administration system that meets the expectations of the 21st century to the renewed wine law rules, which contributes to the development of the wine industry’s competitiveness, said the deputy state secretary.

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