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Dirk Rossmann – An interview by Bence Istenes about the new book ‘A polip kilencedik karja’

Haris Park, 10 November 2021 I.B.: Why did you decide to write a book? D.R.: I have been a keen reader all my life and 3-4 years ago two authors...

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Aldi, Rossman Among Those Calling For Implementation Campaign For Climate Neutrality

Aldi Süd, Rossmann, Deutsche Bahn and refrigeration specialist Daikin are among an alliance of 69 German companies that are calling for an ambitious cross-sector climate policy that is in line...

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Drought-tolerant plants are more and more important

The drought is one of the worst consequence of climate change, which could adversely affect the crop as well. The key objective of plant breeders is the creation of varieties...

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