Magazine: Canned food products underwent software and hardware update

By: Tisza Andrea Date: 2019. 10. 18. 07:24

András Szirbek
marketing director
Bonduelle Central

According to András Szirbek, marketing director of Bonduelle Central Europe Kft., the main canned food consumption trends are the same in Hungary as in other parts of Europe: sales of pulses are getting stronger, and flagship product sweet corn is just as popular as ever before. The current healthy eating trend contributes to the sales growth in the canned food category, and there are more and more consumers who follow a flexitarian diet in Hungary too. We learned from Csaba Vajdahunyadi, sales and marketing director of Globus Zrt. that demand is on the rise for canned vegetables with an added value, such as ‘reform’ products, various mixes and vacuum-packed vegetables. Sales of family-size and HoReCa variants, and small-size products are all increasing.

Attila Ádám
sales director
Ga Food

Attila Ádám, sales director of Ga Food Kft. informed that in the basic categories 3-4 new products/brands had been put on the market by both old and new market players. This means that there are more slices in the canned food cake than before. The sales director added that sales of convenience products keep increasing, and the product portfolios of canned food manufacturers are expanding quickly. Premium canned food product sales are also improving. The company plans to roll out premium sardines products this year – in various sauces. Packaging-wise aluminium foil packaging and resealable bags are about to spread in Hungary.

Zsuzsanna Takácsné Rácz
sales director
Del Pierre

Growing purchasing power and health-conscious eating have a positive influence on canned fish sales. Zsuzsanna Takácsné Rácz, sales director of Del Pierre Central Europe Kft. told our magazine that they had added new products to the assortment in 2019. Last autumn the company gave the Twist brand an overhaul, and solid tuna product Twist Light also hit the shops. This year they launched Twist Solid Tuna in Extra Virgin BIO Olive Oil, which managed to reach a completely new layer of shoppers. In the convenience food category Del Pierre put Twist Salatamiooo tuna salads on the market, in Californian and Mexican variants.

Rita Salyámosy
marketing manager
Glatz Hungary

Glatz Hungary Kft.’s main profile is canned fish and fruits, and both categories are competitive and the market is rather saturated – revealed marketing manager Rita Salyámosy. In the canned fish category the company is present in the lower-priced segment with Excelsior chunk tuna and Ilias mackerel products, while in the premium segment they offer Nuri sardines, Larsen mussels, Sywan herring products, John West tuna salads and I Can cod liver. They also market large-size Excelsior canned fruit products made without added sugar – their main target group is hospitals. Glatz Hungary Kft.’s Tao Tao oriental canned fruits (lychee, rambutan, papaya, mango) and coconut milk are also increasingly popular.

András Szirbek told Trade magazin that Bonduelle Central Europe Kft. had recently introduced single-serve products to the market, under the name Inspirációk. The Vapeur range came out almost a year ago: all seven products are steamed, so their characteristics are closer to those of fresh vegetables. Launching the Legumio product range will mark the start of a new era for the company. These are 100 percent pulses and vegetables sold in the shape of popular pasta varieties. They contain twice as much protein and fibres as durum pasta, they are gluten-free and can be prepared quickly. More new Legumio products: sauces in glass jars – besides tomato purée they contain large, crunchy pieces of vegetables. They are available in three versions, all of them are perfect with rice or pasta.

Globus launches new canned food innovations every year. Csaba Vajdahunyadi talked to us about adding new products to the Vital portfolio this year. He also revealed that several other new products are also being prepared for the market launch. Singer Anna Pásztor is the brand ambassador of Globus, and the company was the main sponsor of the 3×3 basketball Europe Cup. They are also one of the main sponsors of the Debrecen women’s handball team.

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