Szallas Group: the Hungarians’ desire to travel did not decrease

By: Trademagazin editor Date: 2021. 12. 07. 10:49
The coronavirus pandemic has reduced reluctance to travel less than expected this year, and consumers may be more willing to travel next year, according to a joint, representative study by the Accommodation Group and Nielsen IQ.

Willingness to travel may increase next year

According to a statement sent to MTI on Tuesday, 92 percent of those surveyed traveled at least once this year and last year, and 99 percent plan to do so in the post-pandemic period. While barely a fifth of respondents have traveled abroad and domestically this year, more than half plan to do so next year. According to the research, the majority of Hungarians would prefer to travel to the surrounding countries – Croatia, Romania, the Czech Republic and Poland. (MTI)

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