Professional information on the rules of the Good Agricultural and Environmental Status and the Agro-ecology Program for 2024

By: STA Date: 2024. 03. 22. 10:45

In parallel with the legal finalization of the regulations for the uniform applications for 2024, which will be published within weeks, the Ministry of Agriculture will also share the details of the conditionality system of the agricultural support system – such as the Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions (HMKÁ) and the Legal Farming Requirements (JFGK) – within the framework of this information and the detailed content elements of the Agro-ecological Program (AÖP) applicable for this year.

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The Hungarian Common Agricultural Policy Strategic Plan was amended on the basis of the signals from the farmers and the implementation experience of the first year of the new Common Agricultural Policy rule system that started in 2023, the content of which was published on February 12, 2024. At the same time, the European Commission made a decision on a partial derogation for non-productive areas (HMKÁ8). Based on these, the final, 2024 uniform application related legislation will be published. The changes are undoubtedly the most marked within the framework of Conditionality and the Agro-ecology Program, and at the same time they have the greatest impact on the practical, agronomic conditions of farming. Among the HMKÁ and JFGK changes for the year 2024, the downloadable professional information sheet deals in detail with, among other things, the modification of the rules for non-productive landscape elements and areas (HMKÁ8) and detailed information on fallow, the rules on replanting lawns, the concepts of direct seeding and shallow stubble clearing clarifying it or with the rules for the application of soil conditioners and plant conditioners.

In the case of the AÖP, we gained a lot of practical experience in 2023

The AM attempted to include all of this in the latest Strategic Plan amendment; where this did not succeed due to the Commission’s resistance, they will try again in the next amendment. Thanks to the plan amendment, the program will be expanded with new practices in the turf land use category, and more practices will be expanded and rationalized. The good news is the so-called for producers with special permanent culture (such as tree plantations or energy reed plantations), that from this year these areas can also participate in the AÖP.

For the time being, the contents of this information sheet are not affected by the fact that on March 15, 2024, the European Commission published its official package of proposals to change the EU rules of the Common Agricultural Policy. If they are adopted by the EU institutions, as well as the amendments of the European Commission’s regulations that go beyond this, apply to this year and simplify implementation, and are not yet published, they will be able to be enforced in the middle of 2024.


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