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By: Kátai Ildikó Date: 2021. 06. 10. 13:26

In Pilisborosjenő, the Olivaműhely store offers original Spanish products, olive oil, olives, canned fish and many Spanish gourmet products. The furniture of the shop, the original Castilian baskets, the photos, the olive tree seedlings surround the visitors with a unique, original atmosphere.  Everything has a story here.

Olivaműhely 1

Little Spain opens up in Pilisborosjenő. Full of delicacy, straight from Spanish producers. Dorottya Csányi, the owner of the store, has lived in Spain for 20 years and knows almost every supplier personally, as evidenced by the photos on the walls.

Inviting portal

The exterior decoration can be seen from afar. There are glass pourers of golden oils on a table from Méntrida – the middle of Spain -, a huge oil-storing amphora, colourful flowers and olive trees, colored pillows on a side deck. The Mediterranean milieu is supplemented with decor elements almost every day.

Olivaműhely kivül

The question arises to who is going to sell this shop at a bus terminal in a sack village. In addition to the locals and the surrounding area, many tourists visit here, the main street leading to the playground, the peak of Nagykevély and the “Eger Castle”, where the Stars of Eger was filmed and has been a popular excursion destination ever since. And the webshop bridges geographical distances.

Picual, Arbequina, Cornicabra

The store, although tiny, every corner is authentic, original, unique. It’s a pleasure to linger here. There is a story associated with almost every product and landscape, storytelling marketing flows organically in the air. Special chips made with olive oil in the already mentioned baskets, strawberry, raisins, red wine fish products on the old Singer sewing machine. There are small glass jars of sea urchin caviar, olive oil beads, partridge and saffron from the land of windmills. There is also an olive-shaped chocolate specialty and of course a wide selection of varieties and packaging of olives and olive oil. The region also says a lot about a product. Therefore the shelves contain oil from Toledo, Andalusia, Ciudad Real and Méntrida. Handwritten tablets help to orientate, as just as grape varieties are wines, olive varieties determine the nature of the products.

Olivaműhely belső

“I recommend picual products for “novice oil consumers”. With its softer, silkier taste, it is easy to apply to the dishes of Hungarian cuisine, it is also delicious for salads, pasta and cookies. Our surroundings, the villages of the Toledo hills, are characterized by a goat horn-shaped berry of the cornicabra variety, the oil of which has a stronger, more characteristic taste. And the arbequina berry is grown mainly in the sides of the Mediterranean Sea, in Catalonia and further south, it is also a soft, pleasant, fruity oil specialty” begins to tell Dorottya Csányi  the basics of olive berry knowledge and the photos appear too. The time spent here is worth a trip, a gastronomic adventure.

Olivaműhely termékek

Ideas, recipes

In a basket in one corner, there are the ingredients for the 15-minute fish soup from Méntrida, above which is the recipe. One of the many, many ideas for boosting a casual dinner or a weekend party with a real  Mediterranean atmosphere. A special olive-chocolate dessert recipe is also on offer. The shopper feels that here you can just stop the conversation and come back, enter this little Spanish treasure house from time to time, for a gift, cooking accessories or just for the mood.

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