Help for career starters: we can sit at a table with the country’s most successful professionals

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 04. 04. 10:06

The country’s best-known public figures share their experiences with talented young people at the Mentor Evening of the Generation of Future Builders (JÉG). The organization prepares the professionals of the future for the world of work, and the selected applicants can talk face-to-face with entrepreneurs such as Dr. Eszter Varga, Károly Gerendai or Szabina Tomán. The free event will take place at Costes Restaurant Downtown, and the deadline to register is April 15, 2024.

Young people starting their careers are in a difficult situation: many are not satisfied with a secure career, but want quick success. However, most of them don’t even get to the precise formulation of the goal. The Jövőt Építók Generációja (JÉG) provides help to these ambitious young people within the framework of the Mentorest program, where the lucky ones can talk face to face with people who are highly successful in their profession. Since 2016, the association has been working to help young people find jobs and exploit their opportunities. Prominent professionals from several fields will participate in the event, so that they can help the young people participating in the event as mentors for a few hours.

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