Crunchy snacks in a new role

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2023. 05. 18. 08:59

Snacks intended for parties can also complement the taste of beers, but coated hazelnuts and sunflower seeds can even stand their ground as ingredients for meals. Don’t be afraid to experiment, as these crunchy snacks can harmonize with many flavors and textures and can brighten up a family dinner or a beer with friends.

Sokféle sör- sokféle sörkorcsolya

Both meals and beers can be complemented by well-chosen snacks, which offer many opportunities for experimentation with their crunchiness and varied flavors.

“There are few foods that wouldn’t go well with beer, and there are few foods that wouldn’t pair well with beer – because beer can be surprisingly diverse. The most popular everyday taste pleasure is the salty-fatty-crunchy combination, and how lucky that the refreshingly bitter, dry lager beer, which is also the most commonly consumed type of beer, is the best match for this. Lager creates a particularly pleasant harmony with onion and paprika flavors, so it is also a natural accompaniment to Hungarian cuisine. It’s no coincidence that Mogyi Crasssh! among its fur products, lager or pils is the right companion for most of its products,”

states beer expert Bart Dániel.

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