Records in domestic crowdfunding

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 05. 01. 08:27

A record number of social campaigns (14) are running simultaneously on the first such domestic platform, Branc, which is less than a year old, and the 100% campaign goal for a feature film was achieved in a record time of 10 working days. In order for there to be more such domestic stories, Petya Balogh’s company has now joined the 120-person ownership community.

The essence of crowdfunding for product purposes is that the buyer/sponsor gives a serious vote of confidence to a project, since he buys the product/service before it was created. Moreover, these projects are actually created thanks to these purchases.

In the USA, 60-70% of people already use this form of sales and financing, in Hungary it is only 10-15%. That is why it is a serious matter that this is not the 18th successful campaign at Brancs in one year.


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