Fried meat of giants

By: Ipacs Tamás Date: 2023. 09. 18. 06:57

Marnevall Zrt., the manufacturer of breaded, quick-frozen foods and Ripp-Ropp products, prepared a 2.3-square-meter fried meat at the Zamat Festival on Saturday, which is 150 times larger than a normal-sized fried meat.

20 kiló liszt, több száz tojás,, 50 kiló morzsa – ennyi kellett a panírozáshoz

At the Zamat Festival, Marnevall Zrt. prepared a 2.3 square meter fried meat.
For this extraordinary performance, more than 30 kilograms of meat were needed, and for the breading they also used an industrial batch of flour (20 kilograms), hundreds of eggs, 50 kilograms of breadcrumbs, 1 kilogram of salt, 25 dekas of pepper, and 300 liters of oil.

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