Waberer’s closed a record year in 2023, it can pay a higher dividend to shareholders than last year

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 03. 22. 11:47

Waberer’s International closed another record year after increasing its EBITDA to almost EUR 96 million and EBIT (operating) to EUR 43 million in addition to sales of EUR 711 million. Despite the challenging environment, after the successful year 2023, the company’s board of directors proposes to pay a dividend of HUF 120 per share, which is higher than the previous year, at the annual general meeting due in April.

Waberer’s International Nyrt. further improved its performance in 2023, thanks to the consistently implemented strategy. The sales revenue of the company listed in the Premium category of the Budapest Stock Exchange rose by 4.6 percent to 710.9 million euros, while its net profit jumped by 53.6 percent to 29.7 million euros. Waberer’s EBIT (operating) result increased by 17 percent to 42.8 million euros, while its EBITDA result increased by 14.8 percent to 95.6 million euros, thus the Group reached a record level for both indicators. Thanks to the profit growing at a higher rate than sales, the company’s EBIT and EBITDA margins also improved: the former jumped from 5.4 to 6 percent, while the latter jumped from 12.3 to 13.4 percent.

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