Record sales at Euronics

By: Trademagazin Date: 2023. 02. 06. 10:04

Thanks to forward-looking inventory management, the establishment of a new warehouse that facilitates this, and careful planning, the Euronics Technical Department Store chain managed to overcome last year’s challenges.

The company opened its new, partially automated warehouse in 2022, so it was possible to stock up even longer and prepare for price increases resulting from exchange rate fluctuations and inflationary pressure.

The warehouse investment also brought many other results. Euronics considered it important to shorten the delivery time in order to increase customer satisfaction. The goods handling robots operating in the warehouse have so far helped fulfill nearly 600,000 orders, increasing the efficiency of goods delivery for online orders by approximately 30 percent, and thanks to the faster loading time and the continuous, high-level inventory, the company was able to achieve faster delivery to the stores, and the both in terms of home delivery.

In February 2022, the webshop received a new web engine, one of the undisclosed goals of which was to raise the customer experience to a higher level. The registration and shopping cart process has also become smoother. Thanks to the omnichannel sales structure, not only the online but also the offline sales processes have improved a lot.

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