The season of casual jobs has started

By: Trademagazin Date: 2024. 07. 02. 11:49

The beginning of the season of casual jobs can be dated to the end of spring: from the second half of May, job advertisements recruiting for this type of assignment increase spectacularly, according to an analysis by

The form of employment for a given period of time and a fixed employment relationship occurs most often in apprentice work and in the jobs of waiters, waiters, counters, for which the most intensively sought-after workers are for the summer period. In these two professional categories, 65% of the casual job opportunities announced this year were activated in May by recruiting companies through

It is also a common practice even in the fields of drivers, drivers, couriers, shop assistants, cashiers, material handling, loading, and cleaning, that instead of permanent employees, they are looking for people for a shorter, specific period of time.

By far the largest number of ads for casual work were posted by recruiting companies in the capital: 51% of all such ads refer to work in Budapest.

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